Turkish Delight Pt. 04: Beautiful Bozburun

As per Wikipedia: "Bozburun is a small seaside town with own municipality in Marmaris district, in southwestern Turkey. The permanent population is about 2000. It is situated on the coast of the peninsula of the same name (Bozburun Peninsula) which extends in parallel to Datça Peninsula in the south. The town faces across the sea the town of Datça and the Greek island of Symi (Sömbeki in Turkish)"

Fishing Boat in Bozburun
Boat off the Bozburun Shore

Bozburun is a beautiful, quaint very old town nestled against the Mediterranean in the South of Turkey. It is a beautiful, peaceful town where, on a sunny winters day, people can relax on the sea front and enjoy a beer and some snacks with good conversation. The gentle sound of the water, the sun glistening off the water like a million diamonds and the sight of small fishing boats and yachts slowly drifiting on the sea sets the relaxed ambience of one of our favorite spots in the South of Turkey. Without a doubt, this little town, an hours drive from Marmaris, is a little gem hidden away and is a classic Mediterranean town (as I always imagined it).

Bozburun Sea Side
Bozburun Sea Front

We had the good fortune to go there twice while we were in the South of Turkey, and both times we were trying to get to a restaurant in a town called Suud futher along the coast. Our sister Judith thinks the restaurant is amazing. The first time we went the restaurant was closed. The second time, it was open. Since we had to pass through Bozburun, we stopped on both occasions and on both occasions we went to the same restaurant, drank a couple of Efes beers and snacked on french fries. Bozburun also has a lot of memories for Judith and Ahmet as the first time Judith visited Turkey 16 years ago, Ahmet took her to this idyllic little town. They share some of their stories in the video below:

As per Ahmet an Judith, Bozburun is very famous for manufacturing Gulets which are two masted traditional sailing vessels. And as we drove along the coast in and around Bozburun we saw many shipyards manufacturing and working on the Gulets. Depending on the size and quality of the Gulet, each vessel can cost up to over US$1,000,000.

Gulet - Bozburun

Also, as you saw in the video above, Ahmet was trying to teach Tibet how to fish. They managed to catch a few small fish but nothing of significant size. At least Tibet had some fun learning with his Dad and it was great to see.

Ahmet and Tibet Fishing in Bozburun
Ahmet Teaching Tibet to Fish

There were also a lot of very friendly dogs in Bozburun that always came out to greet us. On the last visit there we took Judith's dog Bonnie with us for a day out. She had a blast running around outside and chasing the other dogs. It was good to see her happy and having a good day as Bonnie is normally in a bad mood.

Judith and Bonnie - Bozburun
Judith with Bonnie

Friendly Dog - Bozburun
Friendly Golden Spaniel

Dog - Bozburun
Another Friendly Bozburun Dog

As I mentioned above, part of the charm of Bozburun were the small fishing boats and yachts that float on by. But it should be remembered that in the summer, the sea is filled with day trip boats and yachts of people cruising the Mediterranean so I think in the summer the quaint quietness of the town might be lost.

Boats in Bozburun
Small Fishing Boats

Without a doubt Bozburun is an awesome place. In the winter, without the business of tourists, there is a peace and tranquility to this place that is magical.

Bozburun Mosque
Magical Bozburun

We all enjoyed it and easily relaxed in this little town.

Tibet in Bozburun
Tibet in Bozburun

Ahmet in Bozburun
Ahmet Taking it Easy

Judith in Bozburun
Judith Taking a Break

Queenie - Bozburun
Queenie Enjoying the Winter Sun

Paul in Bozburun.
Me Taking a Stroll in Bozburun

Queenie and Paul - Bozburun
Both of us in Bozburun

Judith, Queenie and Bonnie - Bozburun
Queenie, Judith and Bonnie

Tibet in Bozburun
Tibet in Bozburun

Judith in Bozburun
Judith in Bozburun

Ahmet, Judith and Friend in Bozburun
Ahmet with His Friend in Bozburun

So anyway, we loved Bozburun. I think in summer it gets hotter and more crowded (both the town and the sea) but is probably still worth the trip. However, for peace and quiet in the deep South of Turkey, I think this is a perfect place to stop and spend a few days. Chances of anyone finding you there is pretty small. Anyway, we hope you enjoyed the post and look forward to your comments.


Sunday Morning Brunch

We have moved into a great new apartment at the back of the Taipei Library on Chienkuo South Rd. and we have had the opportunity to share our home with many people. Anyway, before our photowalk yesterday we decided to do a brunch with our friends Ron, Melody, Doug and his son Raymond. It was awesome!

Sunday Brunch
Sunday Morning Brunch

Ok preparing for brunch is always fun! I woke up early to do some shopping and got bacon (five packets!), tomatoes, bread, fruit, milk, onions and mushrooms. Most of the stuff we didn't use. Doug bought some sausages and bagels to the brunch and Ron & Meldoy came with dill and lots of fruit - so we had way too much food. Considering Queenie bought (pineapple & mango) cheese and French bread the day before, we definitely had plenty.

Once the shopping was done it was time to prepare! I first decided to prepare the fruit salad (but nobody wanted it as Ron and Melody bought a lot of fruit with them). The next task was to fry the bacon - easily done under the watchful eye of grand master chef Ron! In the meantime we prepared cucumber and tomatoes, bread and some fresh juice to drink. Once the bacon was done Doug cooked the scrambled eggs (even though he can't eat them). And then it was time to sit down and eat. The brunch was great and the food very delicious!

Ron in the Kitchen Taking on the Dill
The Angry (not naked!) Chef

Doug Making Scrambled Eggs
Doug Scrambling the Eggs

Paul Finished the Bacon
I finished cookin the bacon

Once prepared, we all sat around our dining room table and ate food! It was brilliant! We have never hosted a Sunday brunch at home before. Everyone had fun!

Sunday Morning Brunch
Sunday Morning Brunch

Sunday Morning Brunch
Sunday Morning Brunch

Raymond After Brunch
Raymond at Brunch

Raymond with a Mouthful
Raymond Still Hungry

Of course, after the brunch we all need to sit down and relax before we went out into the hot sun to take photo's! All in all it was a brilliant day!

Doug Relaxes
Doug Relaxing

Ron Relaxes
Ron texting

We are definitely doing brunch again!


Ta An Park Photowalk

We enjoy taking photos and videos of our travels and our lives in and around Taipei, Taiwan and the world. Most of this blog shows that. Well we decided to try and improve our skills and our friend Ron from Rosh Images has taken us under his wing to teach us photography. Today was our first Photowalk

Green Leaves - Ta An Park
Green Leaves (by Queenie)

Queenies Pictures

Some of Queenie's pictures were awesome. The one with the tomatoes and melon below is great and also the one with the dry leaves on the ground is a good picture that contrasts depth and color with detail. The squirrel picture is not quite right but it is cute so we just stuck it in there. Anyway, awesome pictures by Queenie

Squirrel Eating - Ta An Park
Squirrel Eating

Red Flower - Ta An Park
Red Flowers

Leaves in a Line
Leaves in a Line

Yellow Flower - Ta An Park
Yellow Flower

Leaves in the Sky
Leaves in the Sky

Dry Leaves
Grounded Leaves

Flowers - Ta An Park
Flower Bed

Apples - Ta An Park

Fruit - Ta An Park

Paul's Pictures

Most of my pictures didn't really come out, but some of them looked ok. I had an awesome time taking them and lots of fun doing it. Some of my pictures are below. Hopefully the can improve (the one at the top of this post is one I took too.

Green Trees - Ta An Park
Green Trees in Ta An Park

Branches in the Sky - Ta An Park
Branches in the Sky

Squirrel Trails
Squirrel Rails (no one likes this one except me)

Wood Knot - Ta An Park
Tree Knots (bit blurred but the right idea)

Tree Bark - Ta An Park
Bark Texture

Anyway, we had an awesome time and appreciated the time Ron took out of his day to help us. So thanks Ron and Melody!

Ron and Melody (by Paul)

Let us know what you think of the pictures. We had a blast taking them and learning one or two things about photography. It was fun.


Turkish Delight Pt. 03: Turkish Breakfasts in Marmaris

One of the joys of visiting Turkey is without a doubt the food. We both love Turkish food with a passion and especially the bread. One of the best dishes served in Turkey is breakfast. All fresh foods (cheese, olives, tomatoes) and of course bread. And all breakfasts are served with really delicious Turkish tea.

Turkish Breakfast
A Turkish Breakfast

Turkish breakfasts are awesome and always a highlight of visiting Turkey. The plates are filled with different cheeses, black and green olives, beautiful thick Turkish bread, butter, jam and honey. And just for good measure a bottle of olive oil is thrown in just in case you want more flavor. Of course we cannot forget the slices of fresh tomatoes and cucumber that are also ever present on Turkish breakfast spreads. Side orders include sejuk (my sister calls it Turkish bacon) and boiled eggs (we usually order one each). A good Turkish breakfast is nothing without Turkish tea, and that is always in abundance. Of course the most important part of any breakfast is the company and the best company is always family and the people you love. As it was for us we were with our sister and nephew and had an awesome time.

Being in Turkey for a couple of weeks means we got to eat these traditional breakfasts in a number of restaurants. Our favorite restaurant though was a small little house in the mountains behind Marmaris. We first tried to go to an outdoor restaurant that was next to a river (and a truly beautiful place) but they were doing construction so we decided to try a different restaurant in the shadow of the mountain. The restaurant was surrounded by orange trees and scent of citrus fruit floated in the air. It was a very rustic restaurant and the perfect place to while away a cold (but sunny) winter morning eating a Turkish breakfast. The day we visited this particular restaurant was on the first day of the Chinese New Year (Year of the Rabbit) so it was a special day (especially for Queenie). You can see this restaurant in the video below.

Some of the pictures from this restaurant and the surrounding area are shown below. All I can say is that we really had an awesome time here and showed us a glimpse of the superb natural beauty of the South of Turkey.

Mountain Road
Mountain Road Near the Restaurant

Walking the Dog and Sheep
Local Walking the Dog & Sheep

Uncle Paul and Tibet in the Restaurant
Uncle Paul and Tibet in the Restaurant

Mountains Near Marmaris
Mountains Surrounding the Restaurant

Trees in the Mountains
Mountain Trees

Queenie - South of Turkey
Queenie taking an After Breakfast Walk

Cow in the Field
Cow Near the Restaurant

Judith and the Cow
Judith and the Cow

We had an amazing time in this restaurant. The chances of us ever getting back there is very remote. But we are glad we made it just once and can only pray to have the chance to return a second time.

Another amazing restaurant with a great Turkish breakfast (the one pictured at the top of this post) was a mere 15 minute walk away from Judith's house. It was on the sea with great views of the bay. We went there a couple of times for breakfast and just to hangout and walked back from there a couple of times. It was just such a magical place to eat and very often we were the only customers in the restaurant. Fantastic food, fantastic environment. Some pictures are below

Queenie in Icemeler
Queenie at Breakfast

Breakfast View
View from Seaside Restaurant

Restaurant in Icemeler
Breakfast Restaurant

Judith Waiting for Breakfast
Judith Eating Breakfast

Tibet Plays Backgammon
Tibet Playing Backgammon

Turkish breakfasts are always great. In the South of Turkey they combine with brilliant views and make the whole experience more complete and more amazing. I can't wait to go back again.

About this Series:

During Chinese New Year 2011, we headed off to the South of Turkey to visit my sister. These blog posts are short accounts of some of the things we did and appear in random, not chronological order, hence the title of the series: "Turkish Delight." We hope you enjoy the South of Turkey with us in this series.


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